Our Men’s 1 Team were mostly made up of North Sydney United players, due to the help of Jose Antonio Horna. This created an amazing chemistry, that saw them achieve the ultimate reward – Champions of the Tuesday Night Men’s comp.

The team carried a lot of momentum into the friendly games they played. After getting used to playing with each other in smaller divisions, games were being won convincingly . The season proper started with a derby win against the other PASA team, while there was a small hiccup the following game against NorthSydeSkills, going down 6-4.  After bouncing back against Manchesthair, the good run of form continued until a last minute winner by The Factory saw the winning streak come to a halt.  However, the following game was a game that sent shockwaves through the rest of the competition by defeating the previously unbeaten AC Calabresos 5-0 in a clinical, near perfect performance.

The last game before the finals series saw a crushing win against Slumdogg Mignolet. The final series saw the boys be matched against AC Calabresos in the sudden death Semi Final. A 2-0 deficit at half time rallied the boys to use the famous PASA spirit to dig in and fight for your teammates and club, and saw the boys score 5 unanswered goals to take them to the Grand Final against The Factory.


The Grand Final saw PASA Stallions FC take a 3-0 lead in the game, however The Factory had other plans making it 3-3 with 15 mins to go. The boys once again dug deep and won 5-3 much to the joy and jubilation of all PASA supporters and players around the ground.


This team had to fight a lot of adversity to get to where they are now. Missing a vital cog in the engine, Tom Bailey, for most of the season didn’t help but having him come to games and help out when he could was a sign of the team’s commitment. Also losing the French flair of Mathieu Leost for the last 3 games of the season and finals series was a big loss as he was a great player throughout the teams journey. Brian Cronin’s non stop running gave the team such power whether attacking or defending and his experience was priceless. Deon Cornwall and Sean Northey were rocks in defence, not letting much go past them. Josh Martin’s goal keeping skills kept improving from game to game and he even managed to score a great goal for his 1st PASA goal.

The “triple threat” attacking trio of Chris Dickson, Andres Gironda and lately Victor Stitt were unstoppable. Easily the best attack in the league, and Chris scored an amazing 14 goals for season, and could even afford to miss a few games. Andres brought the Latin charm and skills and gave defenders constant nighmares, and Victor just was in beast mode. No one could stop them when on their game.


Highlight of the season must be finals night, defeating great yet cocky opposition and becoming champions in their first year. Now they will be the hunted team next year, but they will rise up to the challenge.



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