Our men’s Thursday night team  had Brett Marvell, Gaston Roy, Darren Resnekov and Mark Olafinsky join our team. We also welcomed back Flavio Fernandez-Maldonado and Marc Messina to our club.


Our season was going to be hard due to the quality of the teams in the division and our lack of time together. This was shown in our friendly matches where we lost against quality opposition. Our season didn’t start as planned, hammered by Roz. However the following game – and when we had our full squad- we showed what we could do. Beating Carrie Diares 6-2 was an all round performance that showed we wouldn’t be an easy team to beat. We lost to Ole the next game, but we showed them that we weren’t going to be the pushovers they thought that we would be. We smashed the Ballotellitubbies 6-0 in a friendly and then followed that up by beating FC Jogi Merkel. Ballotellitubbies got their revenge over an undermanned team we had that night, and then we continued our winning ways when we lost in the last game against Carrie Diaries while having no subs and a few injuries.


We finished with 5 wins and 4 losses, a fair reflection of our season. We struggled for numbers for the majority of the season and this will always be a thought to have. If we had a full squad fit and raring to go, we would have given the competition a real shake. Our goalkeepers Marc and Mick were extraordinary, while our defence of Flavio, Darren and Brett made life tough for opposition strikers. Our midfield base of Gus, Zac and Raffi held their own, and muscled out when needed while the strikers Enrique and Brett Matthews came up and scored  goals when it counted.


With this season under our belt, 2015 will be a better year!

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