Our Thursday Night team welcomed the following new players to PASA Stallions FC

– Ethan Hawkins

– Simon McDowell

– Lucy Dillon

– Kat Bacha

Our season started off by getting off to a great start in our first friendly game. With the core of the team being new, it was important to have a few practice games to sync and to get used to everyone. Our second trial game saw us lose to a team that would become a rival, The Kakes.


Our season started with a hard fought win over Huonites. Then a solid win against Batman ensured, keeping the momentum and confidence we started to gain. Another solid win had us ready for what would be a top of the table match against Dalmatia. Each and every player who played that game gave it 110% which saw us win 3-1. The following game saw us play against another top team, The Kakes, however the result didn’t go to play, and neither did some of the behaviour of the opposition. After getting a deserved 2-0 advantage, The Kakes started to panic as our possession and ball control was causing threats. We then scored to have a nail bitter on our hands. Soon after their goal, one of their players confused what sport he was playing and decided to take out Michael from our team which a hit that Sammy Burgess would have been proud off. A red card was rightly and duty issued, and unfortunately our pressure didn’t pay off as we lost our first game of the season.


After that, we continued to leave teams in our wake. Due to some great all round team work and determination, we earn the right to play one last regular season game to decide the premiership against Dalmacia. We started off strongly, by scoring a few early goals, however their team woke up and they went on a run that saw them win 6-4 and take the Premiership.


Our season was no doubt a succcess, losing only 2 competition games and having the best defence in the league. Our goalkeeping rock of Michael Abate was no doubt a saviour. All the girls who played: – Lucy Dillon, Katherine Bacha, Kim Christou, Rachel While and our player’s player Saskia Seivers were such a credit to the way that football should be played. It was a pleasure seeing them getting stuck in, playing with passion and determination and improving week in week out. There’s no other female players that we would have representing our club and this team.

The men, led by Ethan Hawkins, Simon McDowell, Brenton Piper, Raffi Bickacian and our leading goalscorer Enrique Alonso Horna brought pride and guts to the team. Each and everyone of them fought hard every game, and we made ourselves a very hard team to beat mentally and physically. Our determination and grit will put us in good stead for the 2015 season.

Here’s to the season that was, and we will be back stronger and better next season!

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