Our Mills Park Mixed Team contained Stefana Brunetto making her PASA Stallions FC debut.

Making up the core of the squad was the 2013 mixed team that played at St. Ives, combining with our existing mixed team.  Our first few games were good, as we matched up with other Mixed teams that were competitive and a good test for us. After the week’s rest the competition changed somewhat. Due to a decision that forced two competitions to merge, we were then forced to play under 16 teams.


This changed the complexion of the competition, as we were playing against teams that were younger, faster and better. Our team was still getting to know each other, the way we all play and things that come with more time together. Playing these younger teams that have cohesion was hard for us and the results showed.


We did manage to get results against Hornsby RSL, beating them 7-2 and 7-1 before the end of the season. The positives were that in those games we showed our talent, and in all our games we showed grit and determination. Credit to Brenton Piper for keeping, and Bec Martins who showed her versatility by filling in with amazing saves in her cameos as goalkeeper and was playing like Ronaldo on the field. Nick and Rima Melia were the grunt and muscle we needed on the field, making great challenges and proving excellent attacking opportunities. Rachel White and Kim Christou kept improving week by week, and by the end of the season became players we couldn’t do without. They are two players that embody the PASA spirit of never giving up. Ben Christou created great opportunities and was always a dangerous threat when attacking. Enrique Horna provided goals when needed, and also saved them when goalkeeping. Stefana Brunetto was great in her first season, making challenges, putting her body on the line. Steven Saba was the utility player every team needs, been at the right place at the right time. Sarah Galbraith is a great player, unfortunately we missed her for the majority of the season, but we will welcome her back for the next season! And our player’s player Natalie Mikhael, who was a standout for always been ready to cut out a dangerous play and to create extra attacking power.


It was a fun season, and I’m sure that we will be ready to go for the next season!

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