Season in Review – Blackman Oval Mixed Team

Our mixed team was a late addition to the competition. We were requested to join the competition by the co-ordinator, and as such we were rushed into organising a team and to compete in this small competition.


We had to play a few double headers in order to catch up the weeks we missed, meaning that it was quiet an effort for our team to compete, and more importantly, stay fit during the games after a long off season. We introduced some new players to the PASA Stallions FC family, with Genevieve Hawkins, Mikey Simpson and Leah Piez making their debuts. Celia Fearon played the first week, but unfortunately due to university timetables conflicts was unable to complete the season.


Our first week saw us play against a youth men’s team called the W Wanderers. We lost 7-1. One question that could be asked is why a boys team is playing in a mixed competition, but what can we do. Despite the scoreline, we matched our own against this skilled and fit team. Our second game of the night saw us play against Lara’s Puzzle B. Our team was tired after running around for a hard game before, however we did well and matched the other team who were fresh and raring to go.  The final score of 4-4 was not the true score, both from what the referee wrote down and our domination of the game. Considering the legs were tired, and that the chemistry that normally comes with playing games together wasn’t quite there, we did really well. The referee counted one of the opposition goals as a girl goal, which counts as 2 goals, when it clearly wasn’t.


The following week saw us hungry and fighting for a great 8-1 victory against Team Harmony. It was a hard fought game, with every ball being fought for and our hunger to win was evident from the beginning. We then played a friendly against Lara’s Puzzle B, and once again dominated the game from start to finish. 5-0 was the final score line, but what was the highlight of the game was how the team rallied from a late and nasty challenge from the opposition to our player Genevieve, and made sure that we stood up for our team mate and our team.


Another double header waited for us, with our first game being against a young and resilient Green Witches Mixed. A 12-4 victory was counted as a double game, meaning we won another game against the same opposition by the same scoreline. Then we had to play another game against the Team Harmony. It wasn’t a game to be remembered, as they won 5-3 in a spiteful game and with their behaviour leaving a fair bit to be desired.


They were the opposition again in our semi final, with the winner going on to the Grand Final. Unfortunately a few early goals from them made it a hard battle to try and win the game. Once again a few contentious calls by the referee saw our comeback cut short. A gallant 6-3 loss, and our season was over.


The highlight was definitely finishing 2nd in the overall table, with 4 wins and two losses. Having a brand new team, and players who haven’t played in two months, it was an excellent result! We definitely were a hard team to beat, and while our losses showed areas of improvement, we dominated most games and just missed that finishing power in front of goals.

PASA Stallions will be back and we will be competitive again in the mixed competition!

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