Season In Review – Blackman Oval Men’s Team


Our men’s team was a combination of both our Tuesday night men’s team from the 2014 St. Ives season. Our Men’s 1 team were champions of the “champions league” side of the division, while the A team were champions of the “europa league” side. The expectations for the team were a top 2 finish.

Our first team saw a convincing 4-0 victory. The game was quite a solid display, and it was good to see a chemistry being built in such  a short time. Our second game saw us play against a young “development” squad. The average age of the team was 17. This helped with respect to fitness. While they had great skills, they also used the “we are young” card in order to get away with some nasty challenges. It wasn’t our best performance, and we went down 5-1.

Another tough game awaited us in week three. With some players missing due to injury, we got a much needed and deserved 2-1 win. In the first three weeks we showed that we were a very hard team to beat, and that Chris Dickson was scoring goals for fun. Our week 4 game was symbolic. It was Nico Klose’s last game before returning to Germany, and Jose Horna joined the team after his travels in Europe. This game saw us win 5-2 against the inbetweeners, with both Nico and Jose scoring, and Dicko keeping up his goal form and scoring 3. Week 5 saw another dominant display and a 6-3 win.


Week 6 saw a very tough and competitive game against a team we believed would finish in the top 2. After sailing away to a 5-0 lead, we then conceded 4 goals and a few nervous moments then saw us escape with a 5-4 win. Week 7 saw a tough battle against friends and teammates from the North Sydney United club that the majority of the boys play for in winter 11 a side. With a 6-2 win, we locked it the premiership by finishing 1st on the regular season and had then confidence leading up to the finals.


Our semi finals saw us play against the team we defeated the previous week, Crystalpallus. However it was a much tighter affair, with a few players missing and the opposition being fired up and wanting to get redemption for last weeks result. We were determined to win the competition, and this hunger and commitment saw us win 2-1.

The Grand Final was against the only team that defeated us this season, NS Predators B. We were ready for the challenge and knew that we could match it with them. They had the advantage of having a one hour break between games, while we finished our semi final and played the grand final 10 minutes later. Tom Bailey scored a cracker of a goal to put us 1-0 up. We kept the ball movement up, and were unlucky to concede. At 1-1 the game was like a boxing match, with both team attacking the goals and trying to get that decisive goal to get the lead. With 10 minutes to go, a nicely worked team play saw Enrique Horna score the goal that made it 2-1 for PASA. Knowing that a draw would secure the Championship for us as we finished 1st, hence that being the tiebreaker, we tried to hold out with that final score line. With 3 minutes left, the predators scored to make it 2-2. The score remained that way, and we sealed the championship.


This season was one were true grit and determination saw us become premiers and champions. The one loss we had was because we didn’t have the same mindset as we normally do, and we got punished. What showed was that when we concentrated and put our heads into it, we could match every team in the competition. This team just keeps winning, and that makes it 2 championships in 2 attempts for this Squad.


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