Our Mills Park Mixed Team contained Stefana Brunetto making her PASA Stallions FC debut.

Making up the core of the squad was the 2013 mixed team that played at St. Ives, combining with our existing mixed team.  Our first few games were good, as we matched up with other Mixed teams that were competitive and a good test for us. After the week’s rest the competition changed somewhat. Due to a decision that forced two competitions to merge, we were then forced to play under 16 teams.


This changed the complexion of the competition, as we were playing against teams that were younger, faster and better. Our team was still getting to know each other, the way we all play and things that come with more time together. Playing these younger teams that have cohesion was hard for us and the results showed.


We did manage to get results against Hornsby RSL, beating them 7-2 and 7-1 before the end of the season. The positives were that in those games we showed our talent, and in all our games we showed grit and determination. Credit to Brenton Piper for keeping, and Bec Martins who showed her versatility by filling in with amazing saves in her cameos as goalkeeper and was playing like Ronaldo on the field. Nick and Rima Melia were the grunt and muscle we needed on the field, making great challenges and proving excellent attacking opportunities. Rachel White and Kim Christou kept improving week by week, and by the end of the season became players we couldn’t do without. They are two players that embody the PASA spirit of never giving up. Ben Christou created great opportunities and was always a dangerous threat when attacking. Enrique Horna provided goals when needed, and also saved them when goalkeeping. Stefana Brunetto was great in her first season, making challenges, putting her body on the line. Steven Saba was the utility player every team needs, been at the right place at the right time. Sarah Galbraith is a great player, unfortunately we missed her for the majority of the season, but we will welcome her back for the next season! And our player’s player Natalie Mikhael, who was a standout for always been ready to cut out a dangerous play and to create extra attacking power.


It was a fun season, and I’m sure that we will be ready to go for the next season!


Our men’s Thursday night team  had Brett Marvell, Gaston Roy, Darren Resnekov and Mark Olafinsky join our team. We also welcomed back Flavio Fernandez-Maldonado and Marc Messina to our club.


Our season was going to be hard due to the quality of the teams in the division and our lack of time together. This was shown in our friendly matches where we lost against quality opposition. Our season didn’t start as planned, hammered by Roz. However the following game – and when we had our full squad- we showed what we could do. Beating Carrie Diares 6-2 was an all round performance that showed we wouldn’t be an easy team to beat. We lost to Ole the next game, but we showed them that we weren’t going to be the pushovers they thought that we would be. We smashed the Ballotellitubbies 6-0 in a friendly and then followed that up by beating FC Jogi Merkel. Ballotellitubbies got their revenge over an undermanned team we had that night, and then we continued our winning ways when we lost in the last game against Carrie Diaries while having no subs and a few injuries.


We finished with 5 wins and 4 losses, a fair reflection of our season. We struggled for numbers for the majority of the season and this will always be a thought to have. If we had a full squad fit and raring to go, we would have given the competition a real shake. Our goalkeepers Marc and Mick were extraordinary, while our defence of Flavio, Darren and Brett made life tough for opposition strikers. Our midfield base of Gus, Zac and Raffi held their own, and muscled out when needed while the strikers Enrique and Brett Matthews came up and scored  goals when it counted.


With this season under our belt, 2015 will be a better year!


Our Thursday Night team welcomed the following new players to PASA Stallions FC

– Ethan Hawkins

– Simon McDowell

– Lucy Dillon

– Kat Bacha

Our season started off by getting off to a great start in our first friendly game. With the core of the team being new, it was important to have a few practice games to sync and to get used to everyone. Our second trial game saw us lose to a team that would become a rival, The Kakes.


Our season started with a hard fought win over Huonites. Then a solid win against Batman ensured, keeping the momentum and confidence we started to gain. Another solid win had us ready for what would be a top of the table match against Dalmatia. Each and every player who played that game gave it 110% which saw us win 3-1. The following game saw us play against another top team, The Kakes, however the result didn’t go to play, and neither did some of the behaviour of the opposition. After getting a deserved 2-0 advantage, The Kakes started to panic as our possession and ball control was causing threats. We then scored to have a nail bitter on our hands. Soon after their goal, one of their players confused what sport he was playing and decided to take out Michael from our team which a hit that Sammy Burgess would have been proud off. A red card was rightly and duty issued, and unfortunately our pressure didn’t pay off as we lost our first game of the season.


After that, we continued to leave teams in our wake. Due to some great all round team work and determination, we earn the right to play one last regular season game to decide the premiership against Dalmacia. We started off strongly, by scoring a few early goals, however their team woke up and they went on a run that saw them win 6-4 and take the Premiership.


Our season was no doubt a succcess, losing only 2 competition games and having the best defence in the league. Our goalkeeping rock of Michael Abate was no doubt a saviour. All the girls who played: – Lucy Dillon, Katherine Bacha, Kim Christou, Rachel While and our player’s player Saskia Seivers were such a credit to the way that football should be played. It was a pleasure seeing them getting stuck in, playing with passion and determination and improving week in week out. There’s no other female players that we would have representing our club and this team.

The men, led by Ethan Hawkins, Simon McDowell, Brenton Piper, Raffi Bickacian and our leading goalscorer Enrique Alonso Horna brought pride and guts to the team. Each and everyone of them fought hard every game, and we made ourselves a very hard team to beat mentally and physically. Our determination and grit will put us in good stead for the 2015 season.

Here’s to the season that was, and we will be back stronger and better next season!




Our Men’s 1 Team were mostly made up of North Sydney United players, due to the help of Jose Antonio Horna. This created an amazing chemistry, that saw them achieve the ultimate reward – Champions of the Tuesday Night Men’s comp.

The team carried a lot of momentum into the friendly games they played. After getting used to playing with each other in smaller divisions, games were being won convincingly . The season proper started with a derby win against the other PASA team, while there was a small hiccup the following game against NorthSydeSkills, going down 6-4.  After bouncing back against Manchesthair, the good run of form continued until a last minute winner by The Factory saw the winning streak come to a halt.  However, the following game was a game that sent shockwaves through the rest of the competition by defeating the previously unbeaten AC Calabresos 5-0 in a clinical, near perfect performance.

The last game before the finals series saw a crushing win against Slumdogg Mignolet. The final series saw the boys be matched against AC Calabresos in the sudden death Semi Final. A 2-0 deficit at half time rallied the boys to use the famous PASA spirit to dig in and fight for your teammates and club, and saw the boys score 5 unanswered goals to take them to the Grand Final against The Factory.


The Grand Final saw PASA Stallions FC take a 3-0 lead in the game, however The Factory had other plans making it 3-3 with 15 mins to go. The boys once again dug deep and won 5-3 much to the joy and jubilation of all PASA supporters and players around the ground.


This team had to fight a lot of adversity to get to where they are now. Missing a vital cog in the engine, Tom Bailey, for most of the season didn’t help but having him come to games and help out when he could was a sign of the team’s commitment. Also losing the French flair of Mathieu Leost for the last 3 games of the season and finals series was a big loss as he was a great player throughout the teams journey. Brian Cronin’s non stop running gave the team such power whether attacking or defending and his experience was priceless. Deon Cornwall and Sean Northey were rocks in defence, not letting much go past them. Josh Martin’s goal keeping skills kept improving from game to game and he even managed to score a great goal for his 1st PASA goal.

The “triple threat” attacking trio of Chris Dickson, Andres Gironda and lately Victor Stitt were unstoppable. Easily the best attack in the league, and Chris scored an amazing 14 goals for season, and could even afford to miss a few games. Andres brought the Latin charm and skills and gave defenders constant nighmares, and Victor just was in beast mode. No one could stop them when on their game.


Highlight of the season must be finals night, defeating great yet cocky opposition and becoming champions in their first year. Now they will be the hunted team next year, but they will rise up to the challenge.





Our Men’s A Team had most of their players come back for another season in the red and white jersey. Some new additions included Lionel Mateo joining from the Mills Park Wednesday night team, and Rupen Akpinar joining permanently after being our super sub for the last few seasons. Two brand new players joining the club were the Velazquez brothers, Carlos and Josh.


Our first friendly showed that we had the potential to match any team in the comp, just needed time to get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  While we could beat the weaker teams in the competition, we struggled against the higher ranked teams in our first few weeks. After getting used to each other, we managed to grab some great results, and if it wasn’t for a few contentious referring decisions, our final placing of 5th would have been higher.

Some highlights of the season include a come from behind win in the “PASA derby” Round 5 friendly. Coming back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 was a great game for everyone involved and showed that we have that fighting spirit and determination. Our 12-3 win against Fat Mambas showed our potential when we are fully focused and play for the full 40 minutes. But more importantly, our 5-4 win against SlumdoggMignolet was a game where the true PASA spirit was shown. Having everything against us, and while playing with a man down, we came back to win 5-4 and it was a game for the ages.

Our players improved week by week, with Michael Abate staying solid as goalkeeper and making crucial saves at crucial times. The defensive pairing of Matt and Raffi was amazing, especially adding great go-forward. Our midfield rotation of Rupen, Lionel, Josh and Carlos made opponents second guess what options to take, with special mention to Lionel and Carlos who improved a great deal as the season went on, while the strike force of Enrique and Michael terrified defenders, with 23 goals scored between the two. Nico Klose was our super sub, whenever we needed an extra player and he did his job with great determination.


We ended up winning the White All Age Finals series. While it was a shame that no final was actually played as Manchesthair forfeited, it was a credit to be in that situation where we can win trophies and hopefully improve next year to keep on improving.


Here’s to an amazing season, and Vamos PASA!



World Cup 2014

The PASA Stallions FC Family is embracing the World Cup that is currently being played in Brazil. Two of our former players Lionel Iheanacho and Fernando Zamudio are currently in Brazil enjoying the games and atmosphere






How are you enjoying the World Cup? Who do you think will take it out?