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Available in sizes S-XXL






Our 3rd Kit. Stay tuned for more details!






10 YEARS STRONG! | On this day in 2007, PASA Stallions FC was born. Over the last 10 years, a group of 10 friends has grown into a club of over 85 players. With teams using the PASA Stallions FC name in Perth and in Bremen, Germany, the only way is up! Here’s to what the next 10 years will bring. #PASA #Vamos 



Our Mixed Team was a combination of previous PASA players from the 2015 season and a few returning and new players. Placed in the Mixed Division, the team started off strongly in a double header. The second game of the double hear saw PASA Stallions draw to the Backslappers – the only points they will drop all season. 7 consecutive wins followed, and then a Grand Final against the tough Backslappers saw us win 5-4 in a very tense yet amazing game.


This was the first season in PASA Stallions’s history whereby a team has gone undefeated. Over 8 games, 63 goals were scored, with 17 conceded. 12919623_10153243427686191_6439349272956222669_n




Our white team was a strong team, and started the season off strongly. However, serious injuries to both Jules and Julien which ruled them out for the season impacted the team and its depth. Having to get substitute players for every game, this didn’t help the team cohesion but they fought hard in every game, finishing 4th in Div Black. For the finals, they were an automatic place in the GF as their semi final opponents withdrew. Facing FC Axmar, they gallantly went down 1-0.



The Red team was placed in a tough division, but fought hard in every game. Also suffering from not having a full squad due to injuries and other reasons, this didn’t help the team cohesion but they made sure that every game counted. Due to the disorganised nature of the finals series, the red team was placed in a pennant final V The Munters where they drew 1-1 in a tough yet weird game.

2015 Spring/Summer Season In Review


Our 2015 Spring/Summer Season saw us field 7 different teams, over 3 nights in 3 different venues. We had 6 of our 7 teams qualify for the finals series and had our first ever Mixed Championship with our Asquith Mixed Team winning. We also were made the best 6 a side club in Northern Suburbs Football Association due to the success of our Men’s teams.

Here’s a brief summary of the teams



Our Tuesday Night mixed team was a collection of exisiting PASA Stallions FC players, with new players providing much needed hunger and determination to the squad. The season started off well, with 3 wins from 3, culminating in giving the highly fancied Dalleys FC their only loss of the season. From then on, unfortunately it was tough going, with injuries, lack of form and some dubious refereeing decisions seeing us slump and struggle for points. We started playing well towards the end of the regular season, and that saw us finish 3rd out of 4th.

In the semi final, PASA Stallions started the game off really well, scoring quite early on and forcing lots of pressure. However, our opposition then scored 2 quick goals before the end of the half to be leading 2-1. The second half saw us attack for dear life, however the scoreline didn’t change and we were eliminated.

The positives of the season was the addition of new players to the PASA family, who loved and enjoyed their season. It was unfortunate not to get the results that we deserved, however we tried our best every game and that’s all you can wish for.



The first of our men teams played in Division 3. Consisting of 95% old PASA Stallions players, this team had a great understanding of what was required for the season. The new addition to the squad was Tom Townsend, and he fitted in superbly to the squad.

The season saw us drop no lower than 4th throughout the season. The team had some solid wins against quality opposition. However, the 3 losses were due to our inability to start a game strong and convert our chances. The A team finished the season in 3rd place our of 8.

The semi final saw us play against the 2nd placed Razzle City. A 0-0 saw us bow out as our opposition was higher in the table than us, and our season ended. The positive to take on was that we were amazing when on song, and now that we know what we need to work on, we will a better team for it.


Our championship squad came back for the chance of a 3 peat. The nucleus of this squad was the North Sydney United Div 5 1st team, and that understanding and game flow saw them only lose 2 games all season. The first loss was the first game of the season to a team that then got promoted to Division 1. The rest of the season saw them win games convincingly, and also pick up a few draws. Their second loss was unfortunately in the grand final, where they went down 2-1 to NS Wanderers.

This team is amazing in the way they play and in their determination. They are an example of how football should be played, with heart, passion and skill.


This was a new addition to the PASA family. A great combination of men from North Sydney United and  friends saw us create our 3rd team in the Men’s competition. Due to this being the first tournament that the squad had played in, it was tough going as there was no room for learning curves as the competition was hard and fierce. However to their credit, each and every week they played hard and whilst not every week were they winners on the score board, they gave it 110%. To the back end of the season, they collected a few great results beating NS Wanderers 4-2  in the last game of the season. They will be back and they will make some teams fear them if they keep building on front their end of the season.




Our Mills Park Men’s team saw a combination of new and old. We had the nucleus of our championship winning squad from last year come back, and we brought some new players into the mix. Our season started off well with a hard fought draw and a win against the 2 toughest teams in the competition. Our season then kept on going from strength to strength, although we did lose a few key players during the season we still help our high standards. Our undefeated streak came to a halt when we lost 5-1 to Cosmic Cobras. This was the loss we though we needed to have and continued beating teams after this

The semi final saw us play Cosmic Cobras again, and it was a weird game. We got an early lead only to see that lead disappear. Then the crazy weather started, forcing the game to be postponed for 40 mins. After scoring to take the lead again after the restart, it was all downhill as our lack of subs costs us and we lost 4-2 to see our season end.

The positives to take out of the season is that we only lost twice, and the 2 teams that played in the Grand Final played together during the winter season, while we were a new team getting to know each other. Once those combinations come into play, we can beat any team.


Our championship team. From the beginning of the season you could tell that something special was building. A few draws saw our season start off slowly, but we knew what was building and it was only a matter of time until the combinations and rotations started to click. Our only loss of the season came when we were undermanned, and for the rest of the season we continued fighting hard and winning the games we needed too. Due to us having one more draw than the team that finished 1st, we finished 2nd in the regular season. Our semi final was a tough affair, however we knew what we were up against and did the work that needed to be done to get the result we wanted and deserved.

The Grand Final was nothing short of amazing. A 6-0 win against Pretty Beast showed that we were the best team in the competition, no matter what the table said at the end of the regular season. From start to finish each and every player in the team fought hard and did their bit to get the win.  The positives is that we will only get better by keeping this squad and keep building. It was our first evert Mixed Championship, and its a great achievement especially with this group of players.


Only one team played in St. Ives this season and it was our mighty Mixed team. The season started off slowly, with the squad getting to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 2 losses saw us last, however we then managed to get into a bit of a run, whereby we beat the teams above us to push us into a good position. The only team that we didn’t beat was the runaway leaders Turra Tigers. We then had a bit of a slump in our last 2 games. And while we rocked up for a semi final, the opposition didn’t meaning that we went straight through to the Grand Final against Turra Tigers.

The Grand Final was a fun game, although we lost the game showed what the PASA spirit is all about – having fun while playing to the best of your ability. Turra Tigers were hungry and ready for a tough game and they had class all over the park. We held our own, but had fun while doing it. We walked off the field smiling as we enjoyed ourselves although we lost 8-2.  A great season, and this group will be back better than ever!


Season In Review – Blackman Oval Men’s Team


Our men’s team was a combination of both our Tuesday night men’s team from the 2014 St. Ives season. Our Men’s 1 team were champions of the “champions league” side of the division, while the A team were champions of the “europa league” side. The expectations for the team were a top 2 finish.

Our first team saw a convincing 4-0 victory. The game was quite a solid display, and it was good to see a chemistry being built in such  a short time. Our second game saw us play against a young “development” squad. The average age of the team was 17. This helped with respect to fitness. While they had great skills, they also used the “we are young” card in order to get away with some nasty challenges. It wasn’t our best performance, and we went down 5-1.

Another tough game awaited us in week three. With some players missing due to injury, we got a much needed and deserved 2-1 win. In the first three weeks we showed that we were a very hard team to beat, and that Chris Dickson was scoring goals for fun. Our week 4 game was symbolic. It was Nico Klose’s last game before returning to Germany, and Jose Horna joined the team after his travels in Europe. This game saw us win 5-2 against the inbetweeners, with both Nico and Jose scoring, and Dicko keeping up his goal form and scoring 3. Week 5 saw another dominant display and a 6-3 win.


Week 6 saw a very tough and competitive game against a team we believed would finish in the top 2. After sailing away to a 5-0 lead, we then conceded 4 goals and a few nervous moments then saw us escape with a 5-4 win. Week 7 saw a tough battle against friends and teammates from the North Sydney United club that the majority of the boys play for in winter 11 a side. With a 6-2 win, we locked it the premiership by finishing 1st on the regular season and had then confidence leading up to the finals.


Our semi finals saw us play against the team we defeated the previous week, Crystalpallus. However it was a much tighter affair, with a few players missing and the opposition being fired up and wanting to get redemption for last weeks result. We were determined to win the competition, and this hunger and commitment saw us win 2-1.

The Grand Final was against the only team that defeated us this season, NS Predators B. We were ready for the challenge and knew that we could match it with them. They had the advantage of having a one hour break between games, while we finished our semi final and played the grand final 10 minutes later. Tom Bailey scored a cracker of a goal to put us 1-0 up. We kept the ball movement up, and were unlucky to concede. At 1-1 the game was like a boxing match, with both team attacking the goals and trying to get that decisive goal to get the lead. With 10 minutes to go, a nicely worked team play saw Enrique Horna score the goal that made it 2-1 for PASA. Knowing that a draw would secure the Championship for us as we finished 1st, hence that being the tiebreaker, we tried to hold out with that final score line. With 3 minutes left, the predators scored to make it 2-2. The score remained that way, and we sealed the championship.


This season was one were true grit and determination saw us become premiers and champions. The one loss we had was because we didn’t have the same mindset as we normally do, and we got punished. What showed was that when we concentrated and put our heads into it, we could match every team in the competition. This team just keeps winning, and that makes it 2 championships in 2 attempts for this Squad.



Season in Review – Blackman Oval Mixed Team

Our mixed team was a late addition to the competition. We were requested to join the competition by the co-ordinator, and as such we were rushed into organising a team and to compete in this small competition.


We had to play a few double headers in order to catch up the weeks we missed, meaning that it was quiet an effort for our team to compete, and more importantly, stay fit during the games after a long off season. We introduced some new players to the PASA Stallions FC family, with Genevieve Hawkins, Mikey Simpson and Leah Piez making their debuts. Celia Fearon played the first week, but unfortunately due to university timetables conflicts was unable to complete the season.


Our first week saw us play against a youth men’s team called the W Wanderers. We lost 7-1. One question that could be asked is why a boys team is playing in a mixed competition, but what can we do. Despite the scoreline, we matched our own against this skilled and fit team. Our second game of the night saw us play against Lara’s Puzzle B. Our team was tired after running around for a hard game before, however we did well and matched the other team who were fresh and raring to go.  The final score of 4-4 was not the true score, both from what the referee wrote down and our domination of the game. Considering the legs were tired, and that the chemistry that normally comes with playing games together wasn’t quite there, we did really well. The referee counted one of the opposition goals as a girl goal, which counts as 2 goals, when it clearly wasn’t.


The following week saw us hungry and fighting for a great 8-1 victory against Team Harmony. It was a hard fought game, with every ball being fought for and our hunger to win was evident from the beginning. We then played a friendly against Lara’s Puzzle B, and once again dominated the game from start to finish. 5-0 was the final score line, but what was the highlight of the game was how the team rallied from a late and nasty challenge from the opposition to our player Genevieve, and made sure that we stood up for our team mate and our team.


Another double header waited for us, with our first game being against a young and resilient Green Witches Mixed. A 12-4 victory was counted as a double game, meaning we won another game against the same opposition by the same scoreline. Then we had to play another game against the Team Harmony. It wasn’t a game to be remembered, as they won 5-3 in a spiteful game and with their behaviour leaving a fair bit to be desired.


They were the opposition again in our semi final, with the winner going on to the Grand Final. Unfortunately a few early goals from them made it a hard battle to try and win the game. Once again a few contentious calls by the referee saw our comeback cut short. A gallant 6-3 loss, and our season was over.


The highlight was definitely finishing 2nd in the overall table, with 4 wins and two losses. Having a brand new team, and players who haven’t played in two months, it was an excellent result! We definitely were a hard team to beat, and while our losses showed areas of improvement, we dominated most games and just missed that finishing power in front of goals.

PASA Stallions will be back and we will be competitive again in the mixed competition!


Champion of Champions

champion of champions


Our small but ever growing club has qualified to play in Football NSW Champion of Champions Tournament. We qualified due to our Mills Park Championship only losing one game during the course of the season.

We have been placed in Pool 2 along with:-

– Mt Annan Mustangs

– Narellan Rangers

– Wentworth Falls

The top team from each pool will qualify for the Semi-finals, with the best second placed team overall providing the 4th spot.

Games will be 13min per half, totalling in 26min’s duration.

Semi Finals and Grand Final will be held on Sunday 22nd February.


Our game schedule:

11:20am  V Narellan Rangers SC (Field 4)
12:40pm V Wentworth Falls FC (Field 3)
2:40pm V Mt. Annan Mustangs SC (Field 1)
Bring on the weekend!


Our Mills Park Mixed Team contained Stefana Brunetto making her PASA Stallions FC debut.

Making up the core of the squad was the 2013 mixed team that played at St. Ives, combining with our existing mixed team.  Our first few games were good, as we matched up with other Mixed teams that were competitive and a good test for us. After the week’s rest the competition changed somewhat. Due to a decision that forced two competitions to merge, we were then forced to play under 16 teams.


This changed the complexion of the competition, as we were playing against teams that were younger, faster and better. Our team was still getting to know each other, the way we all play and things that come with more time together. Playing these younger teams that have cohesion was hard for us and the results showed.


We did manage to get results against Hornsby RSL, beating them 7-2 and 7-1 before the end of the season. The positives were that in those games we showed our talent, and in all our games we showed grit and determination. Credit to Brenton Piper for keeping, and Bec Martins who showed her versatility by filling in with amazing saves in her cameos as goalkeeper and was playing like Ronaldo on the field. Nick and Rima Melia were the grunt and muscle we needed on the field, making great challenges and proving excellent attacking opportunities. Rachel White and Kim Christou kept improving week by week, and by the end of the season became players we couldn’t do without. They are two players that embody the PASA spirit of never giving up. Ben Christou created great opportunities and was always a dangerous threat when attacking. Enrique Horna provided goals when needed, and also saved them when goalkeeping. Stefana Brunetto was great in her first season, making challenges, putting her body on the line. Steven Saba was the utility player every team needs, been at the right place at the right time. Sarah Galbraith is a great player, unfortunately we missed her for the majority of the season, but we will welcome her back for the next season! And our player’s player Natalie Mikhael, who was a standout for always been ready to cut out a dangerous play and to create extra attacking power.


It was a fun season, and I’m sure that we will be ready to go for the next season!


Our men’s Thursday night team  had Brett Marvell, Gaston Roy, Darren Resnekov and Mark Olafinsky join our team. We also welcomed back Flavio Fernandez-Maldonado and Marc Messina to our club.


Our season was going to be hard due to the quality of the teams in the division and our lack of time together. This was shown in our friendly matches where we lost against quality opposition. Our season didn’t start as planned, hammered by Roz. However the following game – and when we had our full squad- we showed what we could do. Beating Carrie Diares 6-2 was an all round performance that showed we wouldn’t be an easy team to beat. We lost to Ole the next game, but we showed them that we weren’t going to be the pushovers they thought that we would be. We smashed the Ballotellitubbies 6-0 in a friendly and then followed that up by beating FC Jogi Merkel. Ballotellitubbies got their revenge over an undermanned team we had that night, and then we continued our winning ways when we lost in the last game against Carrie Diaries while having no subs and a few injuries.


We finished with 5 wins and 4 losses, a fair reflection of our season. We struggled for numbers for the majority of the season and this will always be a thought to have. If we had a full squad fit and raring to go, we would have given the competition a real shake. Our goalkeepers Marc and Mick were extraordinary, while our defence of Flavio, Darren and Brett made life tough for opposition strikers. Our midfield base of Gus, Zac and Raffi held their own, and muscled out when needed while the strikers Enrique and Brett Matthews came up and scored  goals when it counted.


With this season under our belt, 2015 will be a better year!


Our Thursday Night team welcomed the following new players to PASA Stallions FC

– Ethan Hawkins

– Simon McDowell

– Lucy Dillon

– Kat Bacha

Our season started off by getting off to a great start in our first friendly game. With the core of the team being new, it was important to have a few practice games to sync and to get used to everyone. Our second trial game saw us lose to a team that would become a rival, The Kakes.


Our season started with a hard fought win over Huonites. Then a solid win against Batman ensured, keeping the momentum and confidence we started to gain. Another solid win had us ready for what would be a top of the table match against Dalmatia. Each and every player who played that game gave it 110% which saw us win 3-1. The following game saw us play against another top team, The Kakes, however the result didn’t go to play, and neither did some of the behaviour of the opposition. After getting a deserved 2-0 advantage, The Kakes started to panic as our possession and ball control was causing threats. We then scored to have a nail bitter on our hands. Soon after their goal, one of their players confused what sport he was playing and decided to take out Michael from our team which a hit that Sammy Burgess would have been proud off. A red card was rightly and duty issued, and unfortunately our pressure didn’t pay off as we lost our first game of the season.


After that, we continued to leave teams in our wake. Due to some great all round team work and determination, we earn the right to play one last regular season game to decide the premiership against Dalmacia. We started off strongly, by scoring a few early goals, however their team woke up and they went on a run that saw them win 6-4 and take the Premiership.


Our season was no doubt a succcess, losing only 2 competition games and having the best defence in the league. Our goalkeeping rock of Michael Abate was no doubt a saviour. All the girls who played: – Lucy Dillon, Katherine Bacha, Kim Christou, Rachel While and our player’s player Saskia Seivers were such a credit to the way that football should be played. It was a pleasure seeing them getting stuck in, playing with passion and determination and improving week in week out. There’s no other female players that we would have representing our club and this team.

The men, led by Ethan Hawkins, Simon McDowell, Brenton Piper, Raffi Bickacian and our leading goalscorer Enrique Alonso Horna brought pride and guts to the team. Each and everyone of them fought hard every game, and we made ourselves a very hard team to beat mentally and physically. Our determination and grit will put us in good stead for the 2015 season.

Here’s to the season that was, and we will be back stronger and better next season!